Optimizing your sites could be tough since you need to transform your code very much in order to make your pages operate better. However, there are ways to better your web site’s overall performance, without having to adjust anything at all in the backend. Thanks to the Web Accelerator Instruments, integrated into the Site Control Panel, you could make your websites stream and perform faster than ever before. This will not just benefit your customers (everyone enjoys the website they’re visiting to work quickly), but will in addition help your web site rank higher in search engine results.

Dealing with the Web Accelerator Instruments is generally quick. Simply just log into the Site Control Panel and check out just how each website accelerator application works.


RAM–storing in place of data–base queries

When you have a data–base–driven website or web app, and if database requests tend to reduce the performance, this could be really bothersome for the website visitors as well as the application consumers. Searching for a resolution can typically demand a great deal of time. Nonetheless, within the AIDA Host Site Control Panel, we have a resolution for you.

Memcached is a straightforward, yet robust distributed memory caching system, that collects data and objects within the RAM. By doing this, the database–stored information on your site will not need to be requested every time a customer opens the identical web page.

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RAM–caching as a substitute for HTTP requests

Should you have content–intense active websites with a lot of graphics and also clips, you will certainly have to ensure that your web pages stream really fast for the visitors. A superb instrument you can utilize is the Varnish HTTP acceleration solution that will assist you to accelerate your web sites without requesting you to have any specialized technical abilities.

Varnish caches all requests towards the web server within the server memory and provides the web pages easily to the visitor by eliminating completely new requests for the web server. In this way, the pages on your website will be opened 300 – 1000x times faster for your customers. Also, you can select whether the inbound calls will be dealt with by Varnish, or by the hosting server, and so on.

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A simple way to build up adaptable web apps

Should you want to produce an app, you ought to have all the tools you will need readily available at once, with no need to hunt, assemble and set them up. AIDA Host’s Site Control Panel can help you save both the cash and time, by offering you the tools you need right close at hand.

The Node.js program allows for programmers, whether or not they are professionals or not, to produce flexible network programs and websites. It’s powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and also the libUV. Node.js utilizes an event–based, non–blocking I/O model that makes it light as well as effective, good for data–loaded live web applications running across distributed devices.

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